BEFORE & AFTER: Danish Hoop Chairs

1950s Ib Kofod Larsen for Selig Hoop Chairs

Click HERE for the complete set of pics. These chairs are by far the most incredible thing I have ever restored. Their lines are incredible and allow for a comfortable lounge chair at a slighter footprint. I am definitely in love with them. 

Contact me if you're interested and we can discuss fabric!

BEFORE & AFTER: Swedish DUX Lounger

This pile of pieces was in excellent condition and begging to be saved. Designed by Folke Ohlsson, this solid Birch lounger was produced by DUX in Sweden in the 1960s. Click here to see the finished product!

BEFORE & AFTER: Pair of Loungers

Black paint and white vinyl were not going to stand the test of time. These chairs are such a great design that I knew they'd be worth it to take back to zero and start over. Click on the photos for the whole set of process pics!

Available HERE

BEFORE & AFTER: DUX lounger and ottoman

This lounger and ottoman set survived the last 60 years to be brought together. Fully restore and rebuilt with cushy new upholstery, including an added feather pillow.

This set is ready to be taken home to help you relax.

Click through to see the full set of pics!

On the floor at The Good Mod in downtown Portland (1313 W Burnside). Please try them out or email me with any questions!

BEFORE & AFTER: Dining Chairs

These gorgeous chairs had a rough go the last few years, being left to the stickering kids and ice cream spills. I guess it's a good thing they had purple vinyl covers to protect their insides.

I've completely (cleaned :)) and restored them to their natural beauty with teak frames and black leather cushions for a sleek and extremely comfortable look. These chairs were delivered just in time for their owner's first dinner party in their new home. Enjoy!

Click through to see the full set of pics

Interested in chairs similar to these? Let me know and we can create a custom set for you...